What makes an otaku an otaku?

by Nihonski Shop in Jan 25, 2023

What makes an otaku an otaku?

Menkes's research highlights that Japanese researchers such as Masashi Osawa point out that a very specific characteristic of otaku: adherence to otaku culture is also a way of filling the void left by the old ones. social truths(such as personality) in modern times. in that way) to replace them—or to complement them—thus reaffirming their subjective selves without expressing their social discomfort.

However, in the opinion of Sandra Castro, who has known the otaku world for more than ten years, there are two aspects to otaku culture, which do not derive from taste, but from the nationality of the fans. Japanese people can be obsessed with anything, regardless of its origin (for example, the Marvel universe), while non-Japanese otakus are likely to love Japanese anime, manga, video games and everything else.It just disappeared. As such, one of the conditions to be considered an otaku, at least outside of Japan, is that you have an almost obsessive fondness for Japanese cultural industries.

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