Top 4 curiosidades de "Japón"

Top 4 curiosities of "Japan"

by Nihonski Shop in Feb 23, 2023

Japan is a country full of contrasts, from its cutting-edge technology to its traditional ancient culture. In addition, it is a place full of curiosities and surprising stories that are little known outside its territory. Here we present some of the most incredible curiosities of Japan.

  1. The Rain Festival in Japan In Japan, the month of July is known for its hot and humid weather, and to celebrate this month a festival called "Nebuta" is held. During this festival, residents of the city of Aomori build giant paper mache "nebutas" and parade them through the streets. The goal is to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck for the coming year.

  2. The Art of "Kintsugi" Kintsugi is a Japanese ceramic repair technique that involves joining broken pieces with a golden material. Instead of hiding cracks and fissures, kintsugi highlights them and turns them into an element of beauty. This technique symbolizes the idea that broken things and mistakes can be transformed into something more valuable.

  3. The train service in Japan The train system in Japan is known for its punctuality and efficiency, but it is also famous for its conductors in colorful uniforms and its "White Gloves Service", in which train employees help passengers getting on and off the train with white gloves.

  4. The tradition of "Obon" Obon is a traditional Japanese festival celebrated in the month of August to honor deceased ancestors. During the festival, people gather to dance, sing and enjoy food. Lanterns are also illuminated and offerings are made at the altars of the ancestors.

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